Oh it was me who said I loved your blog, but wish we could be mutuals. haha


1D and TFIOS YES GIRL I’m following

to the anon asking about ed sheerans "dont" i heard on a radio station that it was about ed ellie and niall but i was calling bs on it



Hi. I really love your blog. But I wish we were mutuals, but we aren't. But I still love your blog either way. :)


Hey thank you so much! But you’ve commented as anon so I can’t follow back! X

who is ellie?


Ellie goulding :)

Why don't you like Ellie?


Just not really a fan of her don’t understand the whole hype really…




How did u become so popular!I lve ur pg so much!! I really only come on tumblr 4 ur page and like all the cool pics and stuff but mainly urs !U always make me smile no matter wat the situation!Pls keep doin wat ur r doin cause every1 ❤️ it!! I have a little something 4 u!Roses are red , violets are blue, if u don't live Niall there is something wrong with you! The boy is amazing close to perfection and without him there is no one direction! it's not an original but I thought u might likeit!!


AWWW so cute

Is Ed Sheeran's song "Don't" about him, Ellie and Niall?? I mean, it kinda seems that way, don't ya think??


I’m not even sure you know - I think Niall and Ellie weren’t ever really a thing… I don’t particularly like her…


Unseen pic of Niall and Theo